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Nobody likes to be a victim. There are few worse pains than when a person violates your trust and kindness or abuses his or her access to your personal information and finances. Sadly, whether by a former friend, employee, partner or lover, the ease by which a person can both access and share personal, financial and intimate information is terrifying. If you are a victim of an Extortion and Blackmail or a more secretive Embezzlement, your concerns are likely magnified by potential and realized financial losses. As Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys, New York criminal lawyers and wearing both hats as victim advocates, the two founding attorneys at Crotty Saland PC have successfully created and developed cases involving, defended clients against allegations of and advocated to best protect victims from fraud and theft. While not every case requires the tedious investigation that the lawyers at Crotty Saland PC are capable of pursing, the advocacy we provide inside and outside the courtroom is invaluable.

The New York criminal lawyers and victim advocate attorneys at Crotty Saland PC have successfully investigated and presented crimes of significant theft and fraud to law enforcement. One of the cases Crotty Saland PC spearheaded resulted in a conviction after trial of a woman who committed a Grand Larceny by Embezzlement after she syphoned in excess of $700,000 from her employer. After meeting with our client, also an attorney, on multiple occasions and reviewing her financial data including bank statements, tax returns and other financial information, Crotty Saland PC was able to present a clear and clean record of the perpetrated fraud. Instead of going to the police or other branch of law enforcement, Crotty Saland PC went directly to prosecutors who accepted the case after our presentation.

Beyond this Embezzlement, Crotty Saland PC has represented victims of other thefts including schemes defrauding or attempting to defraud individuals out of “only “ a few thousand dollars to nearly $100,000. Further, Crotty Saland has successfully stopped or prevented online and offline harassment and Extortion from former lovers and friends who sought to benefit from photographs, images or other personal information of our clients.

The two former prosecutors who founded Crotty Saland PC have the experience creating, managing and leading investigations and prosecutions of theft schemes well in excess of multiple millions of dollars. With access to a large network of former prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, Crotty Saland PC has a strong team and solid foundation capable of analyzing, reviewing and investigating frauds from Embezzlement to Extortion. Whether you determine that the best avenue to protect your property and maintain security is presenting your case to law enforcement or to handle the matter more discretely with the individual who attempted to or in fact victimized you, is a decision that you will ultimately make, but one in which you will be fully prepared.

Don’t remain a victim. Do not wait until your victimizer takes the next step with his or her threats. Protect yourself and your future today.

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