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As a New York lawyer who has devoted his entire career to the practice of criminal law, Jeremy Saland’s dedication to his clients and knowledge of the law are the foundation to his success as a New York criminal defense attorney. Jeremy began his career as a prosecutor where he served for over seven years in Robert Morgenthau’s legendary Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In that capacity, Jeremy handled all stages of criminal cases from investigation, drafting complaints and arraigning the accused to Grand Jury presentations, motion practice and hearings and trials. Not only did Jeremy serve as an Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB) and intern supervisor, Mr. Morgenthau appointed Jeremy to the Identity Theft Unit and Major Case Section as one of approximately six prosecutors upon that unit’s creation.

No stranger to white collar and theft crimes, Jeremy served as lead prosecutor on many notable cases that involved frauds and larceny schemes in the millions of dollars. From his prosecution of a $2 million online penny stock “pump and dump” with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Extortion attempt of NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony, and multiple cases with the NYPD, Secret Service, Postal Inspection Service and State Department into credit card fraud, “bust outs,” Identity Theft, and Embezzlement cases, Jeremy’s experiences as a prosecutor in the trenches has made him a better attorney today.

The training and wealth of knowledge Jeremy gained in New York City’s criminal courts as a prosecutor has served his clients - in New York City to Westchester County and beyond - well over the years. Understanding when to aggressively confront the prosecution or to gently mitigate his client’s conduct, Jeremy always keeps his client’s best interest in sight. Protecting his client’s liberty, future and career, is always his goal. To that end, Jeremy has obtained numerous favorable results for clients charged in Tax Fraud, Grand Larceny, Identity Theft and other white collar criminal schemes. While past results in no way guarantee similar outcomes in the future, Jeremy always guarantees that each case will receive his dedication and full use of his experience and skills.

Not only has Jeremy successfully avoided incarceration, felonies and even misdemeanors on behalf of some of his clients, he has also been consulted by many media outlets because of his experience and knowledge. Some of these newspapers and televisions stations include the Wall Street Journal, New York Law Journal, Reuters, and Sports Illustrated as well as ABC News and New York City’s WPIX. Beyond these outlets, Jeremy has blogged for the Vault.Com on criminal cases in the local New York City news and has spoken on behalf of the New York City Bar Association. Additionally, Jeremy served as treasurer of the New York City Bar Association’s Small Law Firm Committee.

Whether you are charged with an Embezzlement, Scheme to Defraud, Extortion, Tax Fraud or any other larceny or theft crime in New York, Jeremy Saland, and his partner, Elizabeth Crotty, are dedicated to put you in the best place to not only preserve your freedom and record today, but to protect your future, integrity and career well beyond tomorrow.


J.D., State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law, 2000

B.A. History, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1997
Golden Key National Honor Society, Deans List, CU History Honor Society

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

New York City Bar Association
Small Law Firm Committee Treasurer 2009-2011

Featured Cases and Matters:

Client Name: People v. XXXX

Year : 2008

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client, alleged to be one of New York City's largest "tax cheats," allegedly owe approximately $5 million in past taxes and fees to New York City. Our client allegedly failed to pay the City the taxes and instead used the money to build a resort. After extensive negotiations and challenging legal terminology utilized in one of the taxing statutes, our client avoided incarceration as well as probation. Ultimately, our client agreed to pay approximately $1.8 million dollars to New York City and was able to litigate civilly (not criminally) whether the he owed the remained of the $3.2 million.

Client Name: People v. XXXX

Year: 2009

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client, a trader at a hedge fund, allegedly failed to pay taxes on approximately $100 million in profit made through financial transactions and trades. After negotiations, our client was not charged and the case was dropped after numerous years of past tax returns were filed.

Client Name: People v. XXX

Year: 2010

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client, an employee of a small business, allegedly embezzled over $30,000 from the client's employer by not reporting transactions and pocketing payments. Our client ultimately received a misdemeanor and no jail.

Client Name: People v. XXXX

Year: 2011

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client allegedly obtained a credit card in another person's name through identity theft and falsification of business records, our client allegedly purchased a $25, 000 Honda Accord. Despite the extent of the alleged theft, prosecutors ultimately agreed to give our client a violation which avoided not only any incarceration, probation or community service, but any criminal record at all.

Client Name: People. v. XXXX

Year: 2011

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Two separate clients allegedly perpetrated felony shoplifting and thefts from department stores involving approximately $1,600 and $2,250 respectively. One client also allegedly had wire cutters. Ultimately, prosecutors agreed to offer dispositions whereby each client would ultimately avoid a criminal record and be required to plea to a violation of disorderly conduct.

Client Name: People v. XXXX

Year: 2010

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client allegedly involved in two separate felony thefts totaling approximately $70,000. After confronting prosecutors on the evidence and viability of many of the felony charges, prosecutors agreed to dismiss on of the cases in its entirety and reduce the second case to a misdemeanor. Client avoided incarceration.

Client Name: People v. XXXX

Year: 2008

Description/Success Story/Testimonial: Client allegedly attended numerous real estate open houses pretending to be a potential buyer. During this time, it was alleged that our client stole property, including jewelry and other valuables, in excess of $20,000. After extensive negotiations and litigation, our client ultimately obtained an adjournment in contemplation of dismiss (ACD) whereby all the felony charges were reduced and the case was ultimately dismissed and sealed.